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 XLiveLess - v0.999b7 (Patch and EFLC

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PostSubject: XLiveLess - v0.999b7 (Patch and EFLC   Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:32 pm

XLiveLess - Small replacement of the xlive.dll with no online support.

Last Update: Version 0.999-beta7 (29/May/2010)


• Run LaunchGTAIV.exe instead of GTAIV.exe (to prevent "drunk" camera).

Main features:

• Complete replacement of the xlive.dll (Original .dll isn't required).
• All online functions are disabled (To prevent cheating in Multiplayer).
• Removed all Anti-Debugger checks.
• All game variables are made unprotected and can be accessed and changed by the trainers, Control centers and other tools.
• In-built Asi-Loader (No need to replace original files).
• Asi-Loader searches for .asi files in the root game folder such as .asi and .dll in the 'plugins' folder.

Additional features for GTA IV version,, EFLC

• Removed savefile check (You can load save file made by any offline XLive user).
• Removed files.txt check (Integrated replacement of FileCheckFix and MagicPatch).
• Restored access to the system debugger in the critical error menu (Removed loading of WER.dll).
• Enabled write access to memory in code and .rdata segments (no need to call VirtualProtect from a .asi).
• Disabled RGSC (Since Update 6, RGSC moved to the paul.dll).
• Moved 'savegames' folder (See Below).

Additional features for EfLC

• Moved 'savegames' folder (see below).
• Removed savefile check.

Additional features for Red Faction: Guerrilla

• Removed savefile check


• Unpack the file xlive.dll into the game folder (Don't forget to remove the Asi-Loader if there is one).
• To turn on Debug Logging, Unpack the file xlive_d.dll into the game folder and rename it to xlive.dll.

Additional notes on savefiles:

• Savefiles are now located in the folder:

(for Windows Vista) %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\
(for Windows XP) %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\
NOTE: Don't forget to copy savegames to the new location.

Plugin support:

• Added plugin API (xliveless.h and xlive.lib).
• Added sample plugin that moves the 'savegames' folder into the game folder (saveToGameFolder.dll)


• Version 0.91: Added loading .dll from plugins\ folder.
• Version 0.92: Fixed bug with crashes on XP; fixed loading modules from plugins folder.
• Version 0.93: Disabled RGSC, moved the savegames folder.
• Version 0.94: Added 1.0.2 support, Fixed "Live Guide" bug, minor plugin API additions.
• Version 0.95: Added 1.0.3 support, Small fixes.
• Version 0.97: Added 1.0.4 support, Possible fixed crash on exit.
• Version 0.98: Added Red Faction: Guerrilla support, minor bugfixes.
• Version 0.99: Added update 5 ( support.
• Version 0.999b4: Added update 6 (, support , added preliminary EFLC ( support.
• Version 0.999b7: Added update 7 ( and EFLC ( support.

Special thanks to Rick and Seemann.

Download Link:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
File contains: xliveless - v0.999b7 (patch and EFLC

© 2013


-A.C.I.D Cool
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XLiveLess - v0.999b7 (Patch and EFLC
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